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Always Sleepy No Matter How Much Sleep I Get

Cory McLeod

Lots of us are just incredibly active individuals with a lot happening in our lives. As such we all wish we do not need to sleep. So we try and stay up later in the evenings as well as all nighters, but most often it simply makes us far more exhausted. If you are always sleepy no matter how much sleep you get then how can we sleep less and be more lively and productive during the day?

Make no mistake, you require sleep. There is no replacement. The answer is not requiring more sleep, it is about getting better quality sleep. By adjusting your lifestyle and sleep habits and being disciplined about it, you are able to reduce on an hour or so of sleep, and still feel much more energized during the day. However, do not overstretch yourself.

always sleepy no matter how much sleep i get

In reality, oversleeping causes you to be feeling tired all the time and no energy. It makes you sleepy regardless how much you sleep. If unchecked, it can lead to an array of issues, headaches, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, back pain and even death in serious cases. The key is to achieve better sleep to reduce sleepy feelings.

How to Reduce Sleep Hours

The recommended minimum amount of sleep you need is 6 hours. It is impossible to cut back to 3 hours of sleep and yet still able to keep up with your energy and health. If you are waking up tired after 8 hours of sleep, then allow me to share some suggestions to make sure your body enters into an all natural sleep cycle.

Simple Tips That Help You Fall Asleep

Schedule Your Sleep and Stick To It

Hit the sack and wake up at the same time daily, even on weekends. This gets the body adjusted so it can turn on to sleep mode whenever you go to sleep automatically. Do not stimulate your brain about an hour or 2 before bedtime, to make sure that you ready for bed. So stay away from looking at computer and phone screens. Dim down the bulbs in your house to get into the mood. An excellent idea is to read a book approximately half an hour prior to going to bed.

Scheduling a bedtime is going to help you feel more energetic every day since it trains your body and mind what time it is supposed to sleep and to wake. You will feel sleepy and tired as the set bedtime approaches every night, and you’ll wake up feeling good and well rested.

When you don’t have a rigid bedtime, your body isn’t certain when it is going to sleep, therefore you are going to feel exhausted throughout the day or evening.

Reduce Sleep in Small Increments Slowly

After you have set your sleeping schedule, steadily decrease the sleep time by 5 to 10 minutes every 2 days, whether waking up earlier or going to bed later. That is why maintaining a strict sleep schedule is extrememly crucial. In this way, you are able to bring down your sleep time by 30 minutes to an hour after a few weeks and not feel any real difference.

For the brain to function properly, you need a minimum amount of rest. Researchers suggest no less than 7 hours of sleep in order to get the most out of your day.

Lots of people sleep a lot more than this. Trying to change your sleep schedule in a single huge increment will probably make you feel tired and sleepy as compared if you had made small changes to your schedule gradually.

how much deep sleep do i need

Stay Soundly Asleep

It is very important that you do not have any disturbances during your sleep in order to ensure that you’re fully rested. To sleep less isn’t a biggie, but waking up during a sleep cycle certainly is. Your body is governed by various phases or sleep cycles each night. When you get out of bed after completing an entire sleep cycle, odds are you’re feeling much less tired or even sleepy throughout the day as compared to a person that has sleep cycle disruptions. Find out whaen your sleep cycles happen and tune in to get into rhythm.

Fundamentals such as consuming a light snack or drinking water before you rest can be adopted so that you do not wake up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty and hungry. I have a personal issue and that is I have the constant feel of visiting the bathroom and this wakes me up in the night. So I decided to not drink any water about 60 minutes before hitting the bed and this has helped me remain asleep.

You can find many sleeping tips that improve deep sleep. Maintaining your bedroom totally silent and dark, using ear muffs or a sleep mask or perhaps listening to sleep music can make you sleep better and easier. Stay away from alcohol, drugs, and coffee before bedtime. Say no to consuming huge meals before bed.

Simple Tips That Help You Fall Asleep

Take a Time-Out Once a Week

All of us are different and so are our bodies. We need various amounts of sleep, so there is no single number which can work for everybody. Never push yourself beyond what your body can manage and handle. There are some people who only need 5 hours, and also just as many who need 8. You can try to catch up on the weekends. Allow yourself to sleep in once a week to restore some sleep into your body.

Maintaining Your Energy During the Day

I have a good buddy George who is always sleepy no matter how much sleep he gets. Once he has stuck to his sleeping regime, he felt way better and energetic throughout the day. However, there is more. There are steps to maintain that healthy sleeping lifestyle.

After you have optimized your sleeping hours, it is crucial to maintain your energy during the day. Drinking energy or coffee drinks do not count. They simply make you all energetic and jittery about 60 minutes before you drop. The important thing is having all natural sustainable energy.

drink lots of water

Drink Water to Hydrate

Quite often when we feel tired, we might not be needing sleep. Rather it is because we require water. The key to having energy is hydration. Stay away from drinks full of sugar or caffeine, like sodas and coffee. They do nothing but dehydrate you.

Frequently by midday one begins feeling exhausted or mentally lost. Most people blame it on the daily pressure from work. But the reason is simple, our brain begins losing its focus due to dehydration. Hydrate yourself with sufficient water or healthy fluids which can help to pump up the flow of oxygen to the brain and replenish the body tissues.

Yet another great tip is starting the day of yours with 2 cups of drinking water which immediately jump starts your limping brain and also puts it to work. Do this for a few days and you’ll quickly feel the thirsty once you wake up. Don’t just do that but drink consistently during the day.

avoid coffee and smoking

Stay Away from Excessive Coffee

A nice cup of joe in the morning is an excellent pick-me-up, both psychologically and chemically. Nevertheless, resist the urge to take more than one. It is not ideal to be drinking during the day, it just makes you dehydrated and tired by by the time afternoon rolls around. Reduce the consumption of caffeine and replace it with other hearty juices and healthy drinks which adds to your well being.

exercise and workout

Exercise Daily

Physical workout and exercise gets the body going and also keeps it active during the day. You will feel more vitality and with a better mood. Additionally, it helps considerably with getting an excellent night’s sleep.

All it takes is a couple of little steps in the morning and you will feel many times better throughout the day. You’ll want to keep this up on a daily basis. Based on your fitness level, just 20 to 60 minutes or so would do wonders. Not just this, but an easy walk will also do.

Try stretching, jogging or brisk walks or maybe a bit of physical exercise can help with your physical well being. They help to stretch out your tissues and muscles but additionally stimulates the mind, boots up your mood and also gets you ready the day with a renewed zeal. You feel full of energy and livelier to take on the world.

healthy snack

Eat Regular Light Meals

To complement your body with good quality sleep, try healthy and good snacking at regular intervals. perhaps every 2 or 3 hours. Stay away from the large 3 meals a day thing.

Stay light on your meals and lighter snacks in between. Eat light foods, as well as lighter treats in between. Naturally, keep it balanced and healthy. Snacking on granola bars, yogurt or fresh fruit each 1 or 2 hours will maintain your blood sugar levels in place and keeps your mind off of food. It also stops you from stuffing yourself at dinner or lunch since you would not be so hungry by then.

Light meals are easily digestable by your body and processed which can provide a sense of lightness and energy. On the other hand, large heavy meals leave you belching and bloating and causing you to look tired or sleepy.

Take a Power Nap

Sometimes throughout the day, reset your body’s biological clock by going for a short power nap. A fast doze midday is equivalent to a reset button for the body. Do this only if you are feeling exhausted and not for the sake of it.

If your office permits, rest on the couch for a few minutes. Place your head down and also soak in the quietness during that time for pure serenity. You will feel refreshed and far more lively and focused after 20 minutes of sleep. Any longer and you will feel groggy later.

take a break

Rest Your Eyes and Mind

In the midst of your work, it’s always advisable to pause, stop, and also take a breather. For most of us, the work day involves looking at a laptop screen. This can certainly tire you out. Concentrating so intently for a long time without blinking can cause your eyes to get tired out. Indeed, you will be surprised just how long you are able to stare at a device screen without blinking without knowing it.

So start setting timers. Every 30 to 60 minutes or so, take your eyes away from the screen for a few minutes. Try looking at a far away object or scenery. This helps you to relax your eyes. Stand up and walk around for 5 minutes after an hour or 2. This gets your blood flowing.

Additionally, you are able to stand and make a brief round on the office floor or just head to the restroom. Otherwise just pull your chair back and stretch your arms front and back. This will help to regulate the blood flow to your body and signals positivity to the brain.

listen to music

Listen to Music

Bring along an iPod filled with your favorite songs or maybe tune in to the radio while going to work. Soft and soothing music possesses an extraordinary impact on your energy levels and can help lift upu your mood and spirits. It decreases stress, calms the nerves and also has a soothing effect on the mind and body. It has a therapeutic effect on a sleep-deprived brain.

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Face The Sun

When you wake for the day, recharge your senses and nerves by facing the morning sun for a couple of minutes. It helps to remove any sleepy feelings and immediately brightens up the senses, making you ready for the day ahead after a good quality sleep. It provides a stimulus for the brain to take on the daily challenges and activities you will face.

Take a Hot or Cold Shower

Studies have indicated that a warm-hot shower induces sleep. However, a mix of hot-cold-hot shower stimulates the senses and helps you get ready for the day ahead. What you do is once you are showering yourself, turn on the cold shower then immediately go back to hot. This particular stimulating mixture of hot-cold-hot drives away all idleness and refreshes your mind with new found alertness.

Better Sleep to Feel Less Sleepy

Sleep plays a crucial role in mental and physical health, but very few people are aware of appropriate sleeping ways. Some individuals sleep way too long, and are always sleepy no matter how much sleep they get. They really have to sleep less and only then can they have more energy. Furthermore, once an individual is sleeping the optimal amount of hours, you can find ways that they can improve the sleep quality.

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