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6 Simple Sleep Solutions You Need to Know

Lisa Middlebrooks

You will find numerous diverse factors why you aren’t able to doze off to dream land. It could be insomnia or something else. Not being able to sleep properly has serious health problems. You are at risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. I know how you feel and so I have listed below a summary of the 6 most common reasons you can’t sleep and the accompanying simple sleep solutions to fix them, ensuring you wake up the next morning feeling afresh.

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Bright Room

You are busy throughout the day and catching up on the television when you unwind in bed. You’re binge watching the following season of The Walking Dead on Netflix. You’re checking work emails on the tablet of yours or maybe mobile phone. Most of these scenarios expose the eyes to light. Natural or artificial light tricks the brain into decreasing melatonin and disrupts the natural circadian rhythm.

Turn off all screens 1 hour before bedtime. This includes: mobile phones, electronic books, television screens, online games. You can also turn off your alarm clock if it gives off excessive light. In case the room is simply too bright since it is sunny out there, hang a little blackout curtains to block out the natural sunlight.

If you want some kind of relaxation before rest, try listening to an ebook on reading or tape by a non-harsh or soft light.

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Thinking About Something When You Lay Down

You hit the pillow and immediately you dive into multiple diverse levels of anxiety. You try and silence your mind and fight the urge to consider all of the problems you presently are facing. If you get caught on this particular worry train, you will stay awake a lot longer.

Many people wake up occasionally in the middle of the night, and the very first thing that pops into our heads is a huge issue we are concerned about. The very best thing you are able to do is prevent yourself from getting there and redirect the thoughts to anything less stressful. If you keep on worrying, you will remain awake a lot longer.

Make an effort to quiet your mind by doing a bit of meditation or maybe some calming breathing exercises. In case that does not work, jot down the ideas that are racing through your mind. Putting pen to paper can help ease the nerves about things you cannot cope with currently. An active brain will keep you awake. If this late night anxiety gets too serious and is affecting your daily life, try to look for professional guidance or help.

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Drinking alcohol too close to bedtime

Although alcohol will initially allow you to feel tired, it disrupts your organic REM sleep cycle. Alcohol gradually disrupts the quality of your respective sleep causing you to be much more exhausted the following morning.

The apparent solution is usually to not consume before bed. Nevertheless, in case you have the urge to have some wine with dinner, ensure that it stays to 1 or 2 glasses. In general, this particular amount should not impact your sleep as compared to 3+ glasses of wine.

Furthermore, ensure to drink water before sleeping as alcohol is going to cause dehydration throughout the night.

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Tummy Rumblings

Many people may stay away from the late night snacks for fear of gaining fat but sleeping on an empty belly might have several unwanted effects on your health.

While sleeping on an empty belly the body is able to keep you mentally aware with hunger pains. This can lead to a poor night’s rest. If you deprive your body of sleep, it lowers the metabolic functions and can trigger muscle mass breakdown. As outlined by several studies, sleeping on an empty belly retards your body’s potential to transform proteins into muscle.

Be sure to eat throughout the day to stay away from hunger pains while asleep. In case you’re trying to lose weight consume small meals during the day to allow the body to absorb energy from fats at night. Stay away from heavy meals within 2 hours of bedtime. Stick with tiny healthy meals a few hours prior to bed to get a much better night’s rest. This is 1 of the best sleep solutions that I have found to be the most effective.

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Your Sleeping Partner Snores

Snoring might have a huge impact on a relationship. Research has found people who sleep alongside a loud snorer loses an average of one hour of sleep every night. This particular trend was dubbed the “snoring spousal arousal syndrome”.

Apart from sleeping in an additional room, the most effective way is usually to allow your bed partner know exactly how their snoring is making you stay up at night. Ideally, you are able to both come to an answer that works for everybody. A number of solutions to help your partner are breathe strips as well as an anti-snoring pillow, antihistamines and decongestant nasal sprays. You might get yourself a white noise device to help you block out background noises such as for instance exterior traffic or perhaps snoring.

A trick which I have heard from my mother is when my dad would begin snoring louder than a lawn mover is to lightly push him onto his side and his snoring would diminish. It seems to work, they’ve been married for 40 years. Best and simplest among all the sleep solutions.

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You Snore

Has your bed partner complained about your noisy snoring? Have you been woken up in the middle of the night by your very snoring and then gasping for air? You may be missing out on a great night’s sleep since you’ve sleep apnea. It can difficult to identify sleep apnea by yourself because the most obvious signs only occur when you are asleep.

Consult your bed partner to look at several of your sleeping habits while in the night. In case pauses happen when you snore and in case coughing or perhaps gasping uses the pauses, these’re big clues that you’ve sleep apnea. If you believe you’ve symptoms and signs of sleep apnea you need to plan a scheduled appointment with a sleep professional. The most effective way to be sure is having a sleep analysis conducted. The sleep test is going to rule out sleep apnea and can enable you to focus attention on various other likely elements mentioned earlier.

Try Out These Sleep Solutions

Try out these simple sleep solutions and I can assure you will get a more restful and fulfilling sleep. 

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